Youth leadership and participation ASK program evaluation 2015

The Youth Leadership and Participation (YL&P) questionnaire described in this report was completed
by key stakeholders and project providers. It was the key mechanism for undertaking a summary and
process evaluation of youth-led advocacy activities carried out in Kenya and Uganda as part of the
wider ASK (Access, Services and Knowledge) program of work developed by Dutch Youth
Empowerment Alliance. The YL&P program in Kenya and Uganda focused on young people living with
HIV (YPLHIV). The aims of the questionnaire were to explore:
I. how evidence collected at the outset of the program (through Positive Health Dignity and
Prevention (PHDP) operational research) was incorporated into planning and delivery YL&P
advocacy activities;
II. how intra- and inter-partnership decisions and communications were undertaken along the
III. key successes and challenges; and
IV. how roles, responsibilities and expectations should be configured for similar work in the

report 2016 _YL+P_evaluation


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