Midline Qualitative Study Findings Report Cameroon PBF Impact Evaluation


Cameroon is currently implementing a large-scale impact evaluation to investigate the effects of Performance-based Financing on health outcomes within the specific country context of Cameroon. While the impact evaluation is based largely on quantitative analysis using baseline and endline surveys, the impact evaluation team proposed to introduce a qualitative component to the overall evaluation to probe deeper for explanations or explore specific issues that are relevant to the piloting of PBF in Cameroon. The roles of qualitative research imbedded within a PBF impact evaluation are numerous: (i) to determine the set of issues that are relevant to the specific country context; (ii) to construct relevant quantitative measures; (iii) to explore relevant issues in greater levels of depth and detail; (iv) to understand the role of place, time, practices and processes; and (v) to enhance interpretation of quantitative results.

The PBF Cameroon midline qualitative study was focused upon two primary objectives:

1. Experiences in the piloting of PBF at the central, regional and district level: perspectives of decision-makers, policymakers, and providers.
2. Experiential elements of health service delivery at the operational level: perspectives of community leaders and members

The midline qualitative data collection aimed to answer two separate but complementary sets of research questions that addressed the learning objectives of the study:

1. What has been the experience of piloting performance-based financing at various administrative and operational levels of the health system in Cameroon?
2. What has been the experience of health service delivery for health workers and
community members during the first two years of performance-based financing?

Read full report here…

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