Known (Best) Interventions to Reduce or Prevent Adolescent Pregnancy in Kenya, Ethiopia, and the Democratic Republic of Congo A Literature Review

Posted by Share-Net Burundi on janvier 11, 2019 at 1:10

Adolescent pregnancy is a pressing matter that disproportionately effects low and low-middle income countries. Experiencing pregnancy in adolescence can result in girls suffering from a number of socioeconomic consequences. Often they drop out of school and they lose the chance to secure good employment. Furthermore, pregnant adolescent girls might be married off against their will to the expectant father or another man, or face the prospect of unsafe and/or illegal abortion. Pregnancy in adolescence also results in increased obstetric health risks that may leave girls enduring difficult pregnancies, living with chronic health conditions, or faced neonatal mortality. All of these consequences negatively impact girls’ abilities to lead prosperous, secure, and happy lives and to provide for their child or children.

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