Qualitative Study on Key Differentiating Factor for Performance Under Performance Based Financing (PBF) Approach

Posted on août 3, 2016 at 4:45

Nigeria State Health Investment Project (NSHIP) Qualitative Study on Key Differentiating Factor for Performance Under Performance Based Financing (PBF) Approach March 2015 Read the full evaluation here…

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Midline Qualitative Study Findings Report Cameroon PBF Impact Evaluation

Posted on at 4:33

Summary Cameroon is currently implementing a large-scale impact evaluation to investigate the effects of Performance-based Financing on health outcomes within the specific country context of Cameroon. While the impact evaluation

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Process Monitoring and Evaluation II of Zimbabwe’s Results-Based Financing Project

Posted on at 4:26

Introduction This report presents the second cycle of the process monitoring and evaluation (PME) for the Results-Based Financing (RBF) project in Zimbabwe, formally the Health Sector Development Support (HSDS) Project.

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Fast-tracking HIV prevention: scientific advances and implementation challenges

Posted on at 3:28

In 2014 the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV and AIDS (UNAIDS) reaffirmed its 2011 commitment to end the scourge of AIDS by 2030 (see Table 1). Recent articulations of

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Burundi: Questions on the Financial Sustainability of Performance-Based Financing and Free Health Care

Posted on at 3:17

This article focuses on the financial sustainability of the strategy linking performance-based financing (PBF) and free health care (FHC), which has been implemented nationwide in Burundi since 2010. It concentrates

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BRIEFING CARDS: Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (srhr) and the Post-2015 Development Agenda

Posted on at 2:52

Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) encompass the right of all individuals to make decisions concerning their sexual activity and reproduction free from discrimination, coercion, and violence.1 Specifically, access to

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The PBF Handbook: Designing and Implementing Effective Performance-Based Financing Programs

Posted on at 2:44

PERFORMANCE-BASED FINANCING (PBF) is a powerful means of increasing the quality and quantity of health services by providing incentives to suppliers to improve performance and achieve results. In support of

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Using Performance-Based Payments to Improve Health Programs

Posted on at 8:23

Linking the payment of funds with the results of service activities is a powerful strategy that funding organizations can use to make the service-providing organizations accountable for achieving program goals.

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Results-Based financing in Zimbabwe: Achieving Results for Women’s and Children’s Health

Posted on at 7:42

Results-Based Financing has become widely known among people across Zimbabwe. Despite the challenging setting, this approach has quickly contributed to better health services. The program, which is funded by the

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