From 8 January until 5 February 2019 a call for strengthening grants will be open to support small and medium-sized southern-based organisations (Sub-Saharan Africa or South Asia; community groups, non-governmental organisations, indigenous groups, charitable organisations, faith-based organisations, research institutes, social enterprise groups, public-private partnerships, communications and media groups and professional associations). In this Strengthening Grant round AmplifyChange is particularly interested to receive applications focusing on:

  • Abortion: AmplifyChange aims for one third of grants approved in this Strengthening round to support projects working to remove barriers to safe abortion including decriminalisation
  • Access: AmplifyChange aims for one third of grants approved in this Strengthening round to support project working to increase access to comprehensive reproductive health services for poor, vulnerable and marginalised people
  • The remaining grants will be distributed to the best applications working on the remaining three themes: Gender-Based Violence (GBV), Stigma and Youth.

AmplifyChange will offer funding between EUR40,000 – EUR100,000 over a 12-month period (further details on rules and eligibility can be found here).

Please read the full announcement for more information on the grant, including links to the online guidance, eligibility criteria and how to apply (see here for information in French). 


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