Access to sexual and reproductive health for young people: Bridging the disconnect between rights and reality

Posted by Share-Net Burundi on December 30, 2018 at 3:11 pm

Of the 1.5 billion young people globally, 78% live in Asia and Africa, the poorest regions of the world. The
majority of young people infected with HIV are female and adolescent girls have a significant increased risk
for maternal mortality and morbidity, such as fistula. Trends to delay marriage do not decrease the age of
onset of sexual activity, but highlight the need for access to sexual and reproductive information, and skills
and services to learn healthy sexuality and prevent unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.
Youth-friendly services require confidentiality, privacy, and non-judgmental attitudes, and rights of
adolescents include the consideration of their evolving capacities to consent to services. Denial of young
people’s sexuality and rights by conservative and traditional forces has lethal consequences, especially for
women and girls. Countries have committed to these rights through numerous international instruments and
many are making progress, but challenges at the community level are significant

Access to SRHR for young people



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